Keenan's Photography

The Samways and Muddy Waters+

Welcome.  We’re the Samway family, from Miami Beach, Florida: Jennifer, Michael, Keenan (he’s 14), and Daria (she’s 13). We love...

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Travel Map+

Where in the world are we?  Each interactive map below shows where we started a trip and it follows the...

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Family Reunions on the Penobscot Bay+

Arriving in Bayside by water this summer was the fulfillment of a childhood dream.  As a young boy, I’d explore...

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Travel Photos

Great Loop Highlights 2011+

These are just a few highlight photos from our travels on the Great Loop in 2011. Look in each...

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Keenan's Photography

Keenan's Photography+

My name is Keenan Samway, I’m 13 years old and these are some of my favorite photos I’ve taken on our trip in the Florida Keys, the ...

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Daria's Jewelry

Daria’s Jewelry+

My name is Daria Samway and I’m twelve years old. Here are some pictures of the jewelry I made on...

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Captain’s Lunch+

It’s been a week since we’ve been to the St. Petersburg farmers market and it looks like we’ll miss the...

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