Boo Boo Hill in the Exuma Cay Land & Sea Park, with a view of both the Atlantic Ocean and the Bahamas banks.  Sailors from around the world have left wooden placards with their boat’s name up here.  The kids are already planning one for Muddy Waters they’d like to place up here as we pass through on our way back up the Exumas.

“Wow, this is beautiful!” I said as my family and I hiked up Boo Boo trail in one of the national parks in the Bahamas.  At the beginning of the trail we were walking on rock (with holes).  Small mangroves surrounded us.  Eventually we came to a sandy area about half way through the hike.  In the middle of the sandy area there was another trail that led to a beach.  Just looking at the crystal clear water could put a smile on anyone’s face because it was so beautiful!

Next we came to an area that was still sandy but it also had some small rocks in parts of it.  But more importantly it changed from a flat surface to an uphill.  Time for some exercise.  We walked uphill for about fifteen minutes until we got to the top.

At the top there were piles of drift wood with boat names on them.  When we finished looking at the driftwood, we saw a cute little birdie, so we went over to take its picture.  As we took a picture, the yellow birdie hopped onto the camera and then onto my hand.  Then the bird happily hopped onto all of our hands.  There is something I had never seen before!

After that, we hiked back down, walked over to our dinghy, and drove back to our big boat.  We had dinner on the deck and talked about the day.  Then I went up on top of the pilot house under the stars (I think I saw the Big Dipper) and wrote this for my journal.  I can’t wait to explore more tomorrow.