Filling up the boat at the Marathon Marina. Wow we hold a lot in the tanks!  Fill ’er up!

Dropped the mooring ball for a few hours while we headed over to Marathon Boatyard & Marina to fill up the tanks – both fuel and water.  Quite an easy process between Michael holding the nozzle and Keenan checking how full the tanks become down in the engine room.  Apart from a few “burps”- pink fuel (the color of marine diesel) literally burps out of the tank, has something to do with air somewhere in the line or tank – on the starboard fuel tank, it went relatively well.  We drank up 638 gallons (we carry 1,000) more or less in about an hour (found Michael a nice, comfy bucket to sit on while he filled) and the price came out to $2,253. Wow!!!  How’s that for sticker shock?!  The good news is that we won’t have to fill up again until the summer time because the boat runs so efficiently – about 3 gallons per hour used when we are underway.

Daria also scored because she was able to sell a bracelet to Debbie, the kind lady that was working the fuel pumps.  Daria has been working away, creating some really beautiful jewelry, so it’s nice to see her finally launch her business.

We are still enjoying Marathon and will return to our mooring ball after fueling.  Michael and the kids have a reservation to visit a Turtle Rescue Hospital at 4pm, and I think I will take advantage of the beautiful day to run along the 7 mile bridge.  It will be my first run of the week and I am definitely looking forward to running it with a Florida Keys Sunset.  That’s it for now.  Time to untie the boat and head back to our mooring ball.  Over and out…