Swimming pigs are just part of the fun out here in the Bahamas.  Thanks to friendly boaters, these little piggies have learned the fine art of begging for some snacks!

Yes, those are what you think… swimming pigs!  We had heard there were such things down here on Staniel Cay, but when you see it in person, it’s really bizarre and definitely brings on smiles and laughter.  Daria was ready for them and practically commandeered the dinghy in the late evening on our arrival to Staniel Cay, but lo’ and behold, they only seem to swim around lunch time, so we caught them in action the next day.  Now, you wouldn’t think swimming pigs are finicky eaters, but they turned up their noses (so to speak) at the veggie peels we threw to them in favor of left-over bread crusts.  Who knew pigs were picky?!  Of course, swimming, free range pigs are about as organic as you are going to get just about anywhere.  I think Keenan must have been drooling at the thought of finding some tasty bacon in the local supermarket; however, he’ll have to wait a few more months for these guys to make their way there.

Both kids continue to keep busy making jewelry although there have been few sales.  Keenan’s ready to start printing some of his photographs and putting them on post cards for sale.  Not sure we’ll find a printing studio until we’re state-side again.  Daria has recently been creating beautiful acrylic paintings inspired by the colors of the sunsets as well as painted nameplates for Muddy Waters and Sea Fox.  She definitely has a flare for capturing the beauty of the Bahamas.

Home schooling has been going well, with both kids learning lots about Bahamian geography, culture, and plenty of pirate lore in addition to their regular world geography course, grammar skills and journal writing.  Math and science will start back up when we head back to the States and have  a better internet connections for their two on-line courses.  They have also been learning how to type, after we saw and listened to so much pecking with index fingers only.  We’re impressed with how quickly they’re learning.  They practice every few days with a lesson plan on some software we downloaded from Apple.  A useful skill to learn at any age given the amount of time we all spend in front of computers these days.

We’ll probably spend another week or so down here in the Southern Exuma Islands before heading back up the chain towards Eleuthra and the Abacos.  We had thought about heading down to Rum Cay, but I think an additional ocean voyage isn’t in the cards for two sailors I know.  We might end up with a ship mutiny if we suggest extra days spent crossing to more far off islands, even with the promise of clear blue skies (“but we see that everyday!” – Keenan)  and light winds (“sure easy for you to say, because you don’t feel the way I do”,- Daria).  As well as our boat handles blue water, there are still plenty of “rolling” passages that make even the hardiest deckhand (me) feel like sleeping the time away.  It’s amazing to end a long passage day doing nothing but sleeping or watching the horizon feeling more exhausted than when you went to sleep the night before!  Anyway, we still have plenty of sights to see on the way back up the Exumas that should keep the crew in better spirits!

We haven’t had much Internet access to speak of, and we’ll send this post when we dinghy into town if we can connect.  Can’t say I miss it, but it would be nice to find out what’s going on in the world as we slide leisurely down the Exumas.  Still having a hard time remembering what day it is, and lately I’ve forgone wearing my watch.  Time just seems to pass…  We are too busy enjoying each moment together exploring all there is to see down here.  It’s just easier to wake up with the sun and go to bed a little after it sets.

Speaking of which and having no idea what time it is… I gotta’ go to sleep.  My eyes are getting blurry just looking at this post and without knowing the time, it is nice to just let the internal clock kick in. Don’t forget to check out the new photos we’ve just added for the end of January and into February.  We also added in a few more video clips including one of the swimming pigs that we think you will enjoy.  Until next time…