Sunset over the sand dunes from the oceanside of Stocking Island.

We are enjoying ourselves for a couple of weeks down in the Georgetown area of the Exuma Islands.  We set anchor last Sunday and plan on staying around this area for a couple of weeks.  The kids have settled into a good homeschooling rhythm in the mornings and we usually get out for some exploring after lunch.  Most days I get to practice yoga up on the top deck and that sure has been a treat.  There is nothing like doing 10 Sun Salutations to a gorgeous sunrise with a gentle breeze, while feeling the soft rhythm of the ocean rocking under my feet.  It’s kind of like doing yoga on a bosu ball, so you can imagine how great that is for balance and working on all those stabilizer muscles!

We posted a few new photos to our February collection and do have some videos, but unfortunately we will have to wait on video postings till we get a stronger connection.  The kids have also been hard at work with their jewelry collection, so you will have some new pieces to choose from when we get back to the U.S. later on.

I also plan on starting a food blog as part of this website.  I am still working on the format, so be on the lookout over the next week.  It will include lots of healthy, fresh recipes and give you a idea of what we cook and eat onboard.  Hopefully we will attract some visitors to the boat looking to sample a few of our tasty creations. Comments and recipes swaps will be welcomed!

We are going out on a dinghy tour this afternoon to explore some beautiful coves and lagoons around the different islands, so I am sure we will have more to post tomorrow.  In the meantime, enjoy the photos and you will hear from us again soon…