This Thanksgiving holiday we had many reasons to give thanks — our year-long boating trip around half of the U.S.; all the new and interesting people and places we have visited along the way; the many laughs and adventures we have shared as a family and all of the good food and fun times we have had aboard Muddy Waters. We’ve had quite the adventure! I find it hard to believe that this year is drawing to a close so soon! Looking back on this food blog and seeing the delicious foods we have cooked up along our journey is like my own travel journal. We have all learned so much about how to prepare and serve healthy and nutritious foods from a small galley with somewhat limited access to fresh produce. The lessons we have learned along with our ability to adapt to different food choices along the way have made us all appreciate the bounty of things we sometimes take for granted when living on land.

Over the course of this week I plan on sharing all of the Thanksgiving recipes that are included in the photo. All were vegetarian, some vegan and all were delicious, using fresh, organic vegetables, some from local farms in and around Florida. The kids helped chop, grate, saute and stuff all of the ingredients used and were instrumental in helping me produce all of our Thanksgiving goodies. So be on the lookout…maybe you can use some of the ideas for your next holiday meal.